Eva Escofet - Founder

Eva Escofet is the founder of EverNutri. Eva is a Nutritional Therapist with over 20 years experience of working with dietary supplements in her busy clinic. Eva has always used the highest quality supplements in the market for her clients in order to obtain the best possible results. Her waiting list runs several years long as she is in such high demand for her consultations due to the results her clients receive. However, as she states, “you are only as good as the tools you have to hand” therefore working with the highest grade ingredients is absolutely imperative for the best clinical results. This is the sole purpose behind Evernutri being founded. Despite using high quality supplements, there were gaps that Eva could see in the market that could enhance her clinical results even further. She started working with different manufacturers all over the world and sourcing ingredients with the highest quality and bioavailability. It also gave Eva the chance to formulate unique products with combinations of ingredients which had brought her clients excellent improvements in their health. Eva’s unique liposomal products are prime example of this. The product range continues to expand as Eva devotes her time to creating products that enhance a client’s journey to better health. This is always the most paramount consideration for every product developed and brought to market.

Kathryn Avery

Kathryn is a registered nutritional therapist and has collaborated with Eva in product development for a period of two years. With a wealth of business experience spanning over 25 years in the pharmaceutical and medical aesthetics industry, Kathryn has established a network of clinics with whom she is closely working to trial and expand the brand.

Mirella Scarborough

Mirella is formally trained in PR and has worked in luxury retail sector for over 20 years. She currently assists Eva in developing logistics and helps maintain customer experience within Evenutri to a high standard. Mirella's passion for all things wellness has been increased through working closely with Eva for years now helping the brand to grow and has experienced the benefits of the Evernutri products personally.