Hydrolyzed Collagens (TYPE I, II & III) OMNICOL™ 110 & VERISOL® PLUS Hydrolyzed ELASTIN 15000MG per serving

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Only branded grass fed bovine hydrolysate collagens Verisol® and Omnicol110™ are used due to their studied benefits. Hydrolyzed Marine Elastin is also added.

Each serving contains a large 15,000mg of collagen for optimal results. This is significantly more per serving than most collagen products on the market.


It is of greater benefit to supply types I, II and III collagens due to the overall enhancement of collagen and cartilage for the body, supplying the skin, connective tissues, muscles, ligaments.  


Hydrolyzed Elastin is shown in studies to enhance the proliferation of fibroblasts and elastin synthesis. Elastin can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, this also makes it an excellent hydrator for skin and tissues.

Elastin fibres are an essential part of skin and connective tissues. Loss of elasticity is a major contributing factor to ageing of the skin and the body as a whole, contributing to muscular & ligament stiffness & injuries, dehydrated, saggy skin & tissues, poor lung, arterial & bladder health and poor blood flow.  

Elastin is also 1000 times more stretchy than collagen so it is a great addition to supplementing with collagen.

 Benefits of EverCol®

  •  Increased content and production of type I, II & III collagens and Elastin within skin and connective tissues.
  • Studies show reduction in skin wrinkles, increased hydration and elasticity, and firmness in skin.
  • Enhanced cartilage production, supporting joints & connective tissues.
  • Blood vessel support, bone health, tendon & ligament support.
  • Enhanced hair & nail growth and strength.
  • Increased elasticity in skin, blood vessels, ligaments, tendons, muscles and organs such as lungs, bladder and liver.

Packaged in Miron glass bottles 

15g serving & 21 Servings per bottle

Recommended Dose:

1 scoop
a day mixed in any beverage of choice. We recommend shaking/mixing Evercol®  in either Nutribullets, smoothies, coffee or protein shakes.